Window Tinting

To ensure lasting quality, all window films are professionally installed by highly trained technicians. Using proprietary LLumar PrecisionCutâ„¢ technology, each LLumar window film pattern is computer-generated and trimmed precisely to factory specifications, ensuring a perfect fit. And our LLumar HPR adhesive is known worldwide for its strength, durability and optical clarity. This quality and attention to detail will give you the confidence that you’ve made the best choice.


Window Tinting Package

  • 2 Window Tint – Prices starting from:: $99.95
  • Four Door Sedan / Suv / Truck – Prices starting from: $219.95
  • Full Sized Van or Minivan – Prices starting from: $219.95
  • Wndow tinting for Grand Caravan – Prices starting from: $260.95
  • Wndow tinting for Lexus models 2010 and up – Prices starting from: $260.95
Window Tint Removal hourly rate – $60.00/per hourly