Install Tires and Rims

Install Tires and Rims

For many people, your car is not only a useful form of transportation, it is something to be proud of, take care of and even a hobby. One of the most popular parts of the car to customize to improve looks and also performance are the wheels. Trends often dictate the size and make and right now it is 24 inch wheels which are the must have size for your automobile.
When you decide on the size you want, the next thing to do is pick out the style which will suit your car and your personality. There is a huge range of styles which widely vary in price. You can buy silver, red and black rims or have them sprayed in a color to suit you. For a quality street style look, matte black, gunmetal or grey rims are recommended.

Reasons Why 24 Inch Wheels Are Worth It.

You can choose how many spokes you want when looking at various different styles. Three, five, six, seven and eight spokes are very popular or you may choose to opt for full face rims. The type of metal can also be your choice, chrome and high polished looks are sought after if you are looking for a way to make your ride stand out.
The prices are determined by the coloring and metal which has been used. The way the wheel has been crafted is taken into account and can alter the price dramatically. You will find that forged wheels cost more money than cast wheels. And the multi-piece designs will cost more than single piece cast wheels as they require more specialist equipment to be used in the construction process.


The size that you choose can have an effect on your vehicles overall appearance and performance. If you decide to go ahead and purchase the twenty four inch, you can achieve better handling. This is simply down to the larger size which enables the tire to grip the road better and gives you much better traction as well as improved response control.
Further benefits which are related to the size are that you can get better acceleration and even cut down on your gas usage. With prices of gas continuing to raise, this is a very positive bonus to help save money in the running of your auto. The gas is reduced simply because your car is able to cover more ground in a single rotation getting you further at a quicker pace.

You can pick up wheels by visiting shops or by looking online. The Internet has many stores which can give you great deals. You can browse a wider selection and even have them custom made which can make shopping for your new purchase easier. The prices will vary greatly depending on design, how they are made and the different metals used. Steel will cost less than chrome and aluminum. This 24 inch wheel size will give you a more attractive overall look for your automobile. Custom chrome rims also help get a more cost effective ride which has more control. This means that you and your tires are safer as you drive the roads, and you look good while you are doing it.

Install Tires Set of 4

  • Tire on Rims – $29.99
  • Tires on Rims & Balance – $49.99
  • Install and Balance tires off Rims – $73.99