Complete Detailing From $129

Your vehicle is one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime; it should be taken care of and protected. Just as important as keeping your car’s exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of up keep and preventive maintenance. A filthy interior not only smells and looks bad, but it can also create or contribute to operational and electrical problems. Dirty air vents can spread dust and other allergens throughout the vehicle not helping the allergies and making you more vulnerable to getting sick. Filmy windows and mirrors can obscure your view of the road. Dirt and grime can work their way inside cracks and buttons causing them to no longer be operational.


Steps to properly cleaning and detailing your vehicles interior

Remove Trash:

First remove all trash, small and large, you don’t want to have anything lodged into your vacuum damaging it.


First, you will need a vacuum with an extension hose and several attachments. I always like to work from top to bottom, so that way all the dirt and dust particles fall down. You don’t want dirt and dust falling on your already cleaned seats and floors causing an even bigger mess. Vacuum all the areas including under the seats and in the trunk, removing all floor mats, so you can vacuum all areas. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the floor mats.

Use the crevice tool to get into all of the hard to reach areas like between and under the seats, visors, etc… You can also use an air compressor to help blow dirt out of areas that the vacuum nozzle cannot reach or fit. Use the floor brush when vacuuming the carpet. Move the seats forward or backward to reach areas under the seat. If the flooring needs a good cleaning, I would recommend removing the seats to have complete access.


You may purchase cleaners at your local hardware store that will allow you to get the look you desire. I reccommend products by Meguiar’s, Automagic etc…
Carpet Cleaning – I always use a hot water extractor to get the carpets as clean as possible. I understand not everyone has or can afford a hot water extractor. All you need is a wet and dry vac, a scrub brush and a pre spot cleaner. Then spray the cleaner directly on the area to be cleaned and allow it to penetrate the carpet. Next you want to agitate the spot using the scrub brush.