Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters help to protect your health by improving the quality of the air you breathe while in your vehicle. These filters trap a broad range of microscopic particles, harmful gases and unpleasant odors to help make your time in the car more pleasant and healthier. Regularly replacing your cabin air filter can offer relief for asthma, allergy and hay fever sufferers. It also helps to protect the performance of your air conditioning system. Particle filters with microfiber medium protect you from pollens, road dust, abraded particles as well as soot, bacteria, industrial dusts and other repairable ultra-fine particles. Carbon filters additionally protect you from exhaust gases, odours, ozone, benzene etc. These filters are located in one of three places: behind the glove box, in the front passenger’s footwall or at the cowl, under the hood and, according to advocacy group Car Care Canada, they should be replaced every 20,000-25,000 kilometres (or per directions found in your ketchup-stained owner’s manual). It really bugs me is that it is not well communicated if your vehicle has, or doesn’t have, a cabin air filter. With some cars/trucks, these filters are standard while other manufacturers build them in as an option. That’s fine, but tell us – put a label on the car.

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